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Ernst Nagel, painter

The sources, from which the painter Ernst Nagel draws, are the vistas from his youth.
The flat lowlands with its linear perspectives of ditches and paths. In the distance the white sandy dunes and the roughness of the shrubs at their feet; the beach, the sea, the horizon disappearing in the northern light. Nagel plays a game with heaven and earth in a virtuoso way. The far horizons, the high skies, he always carefully took in, to register inside himself dreamingly loving it, without knowing why.

The passion with which the boy experienced nature, finds one back in the intensity of his work. Because he expresses himself spontaneously, his work gives the impression of being natural. The exiting thing about it is the beauty of the quasi na´ve, the artlessness.

But beware: The simplicity and detachment the artist is looking for are hard to come by. It took Nagel half of his live. First he had to be patient, save his art and let it all build up inside. As such it nearly had to come to an explosion. But when he started there was no holding back. Most important now was the rediscovery of the childlike naivety.

In order to be able to paint the landscapes from his youth, Nagel had to invent his own techniques. From this wrestling with himself and his materials and his creativity these very personal paintings emerge. There is no limit to my friend’s creation.

Hans Sleutelaar

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