About the work

“ The vague notion that above and under can not exist without each other and maybe they are the same in an opposite meaning, only flipped over: that colour and structure differ and also do not. This is an idea from the visions you grow up with in the Zuid-Holland landscape, that is when you have an eye for it. A landscape as an enormous gigantic rectangle with a line through the middle, a divider. An upper and a lower part. The upper seems to be larger and although lighter with structure, it dominates the whole.
For example, when you are standing on the dunes between Noordwijk en Katwijk, looking at the sea, this seems to happen and then you move a little and the two sections are equal again in the sense of colour, shape and structure. This then is the “landscape” of the sea, the ultimate division of upside and downside. Rims of dunes, beach, sea, air clouds, they are all horizontal flat elements and surfaces that create and form each other.
At Hoogmade when you are looking at Leiden, over the river Does, there is more downside and at the same time that is also terribly passionately green. And than the blue strip above it, seems less important. But then there are white dots in the green (the cows) and they get in relation with the blue strip above, that is, if there is any white in the day itself. There is always blue, in it or behind it. And when the upper part is grayish the lower part will be grayish green and gray and the ditches and the canals will glisten.

Ernst Nagel sails De Kaag
Ans then you have “De Kaag”. When as a little boy you have canoed in let’s say very diverse kinds of weather, those different images of upside and downside have forever settled in your imagination, an endless reservoir of lived and imagined landscapes…
“…Those landscapes, those seascapes, you will see them everywhere you go…
near a river somewhere in France…
even when you approach Venice in a water taxi…

Ernst and Liesbeth sailing the IJ in Amsterdam
it does not stop and on land and on water, everywhere you look around you
see these paintings”.
Dixit painter Ernst Nagel, Helpman 1944




copyright 2016 Ernst Nagel